Time Warp Lights

The "Tindall Lights" as they became to be known by were giant mobile soft boxes. They saved hours of setup on each day of filming by eliminating the need for additional stands for controlling the light. Fitted with oversize casters these monsters could roll over cables and other floor imperfections to make adjustments a snap.

Rigged with either 6k HMIs, 10K tungsten, or MAXIBRUTES (9 x 1200watts) these lighting units could give very intense, but very controllable light. Rigged with MAXIBRUTES many f stops of range could be achieved simply by switching on and off lamps.

The soft boxes were fitted with baffles to further control the light and diffusion was changed by rolling up and down window shades fitted with different media.

15 feet tall the vertical truss units were fabricated and designed by John based on three major RR truss designs from the 1880's through the mid 1920's.