John on IMDB

The Internet Movie Data Base. This is the place where many entertainment industry people are listed.


KARST PRODUCTIONS Wes Skyles, Executive Producer.

Wes and John have worked together for many years. Wes is an incredible talent in both film and hi-def video. He is an underwater specialist and an inspiring talent!


Bryce Zabel  

Long time friend Bryce Zabel and his sometimes humorous, sometime serious but ALWAYS interesting collection of websites.


Bryce Zabel
Karen Murphy Mondell  

Karen and John are co-hosting a pilot for The History Channel as well as producing a feature film together.


David Brillhart  

Childhood friend Dave Brillhart and John began working together when they met in 7th grade.


Bryce Zabel
FIRST LIGHT FILMS Jeff Streich, Director of Photography.

Jeff worked with John in November of 2003 in Alaska. He is well-versed in both film and video with an easy manner and can-do attitude.