Viewer Response and Reviews for John's On Camera work on "UFO HUNTERS."

This morning a colleague of mine and I went to your web site …From what I saw you designed, constructed, and operated an incredibly effective device. I have been constantly amazed by the quality of the hardware you develop for the experiments on the show, and the sonic boom cannon was your best yet. As an engineer I have a great appreciation for the effort required to pull it off.
Again, great job.

Ryan Fletcher
Mechanical Engineer
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

There’s even a mad scientist regular - an “experiment producer” who has a dark, dingy lab and is obviously having a ton of fun any time he’s on screen. I liked UFO Hunters, but probably for the wrong reasons. I wasn’t so much into the cases as I was into the science experiments… Lisa Fary of PINK RAYGUN.COM

First, "U.F.O. Hunters" is slightly better than another series by "The History Channel" called "Monster Quest". Although both documentaries appear to be chasing smoke, the experiments by John Tindall elevate "U.F.O. Hunters" …

Bizarre space spheres flying around a NASA shuttle mission? Tindall uses science to show it's just ice crystals. Every time they [THE UFO HUNTERS] effectively applied science, my heart stopped for the space of a single second. -- Todd Douglass Jr. of |DVDTALK

… I must say that there are some good moments with this program from time to time... the Mythbuster-like segments back in the labs are cool ... though they almost always discredit Bill's theories
.– Judge Dylan Charles of DVD VERDICT