This program was filmed during November and December of 2003. It laid the groundwork for the "Grizzly Man" documentary feature film.

John on stage with mechanical bear on the Technifex stage back in California. (photo by Philip Ebeid)

Dr. Franc Falico the Alaska State Medical Examiner and his assistant prepare for an autopsy. Dr. Falico performed the postmortem on Timothy Treadwell in October of 2003.

Jeff, Spencer and Ashley shooting B-Roll on Kodiak Island. The winds, known in this region as "willawahs" were gusting to 60 knots making flying impossible. We were pinned down for two days shooting anything we could, until we could fly over to the Katmai Peninsula.
Willy, Spencer, Jeff and John stand near the landing spot for Timothy Treadwell. Since the State Park Officials had closed off the site after Timothy's death the month before, the group was not allowed to step on to the shore. Standing for two hours in the 40 degree water under a pouring rain with wind gusts is a great way to enjoy the day. Willy was quick to point out that we lucked out on the weather.