Science Builds

Is there any true science in UFOs? Whether you think so or not finding any kind of real science was my challenge during work on UFO HUNTERS.

UFOs are shrouded in conflict but the topic offers plenty of inspiration for some real science demonstrations that were challenging to build and hopefully inspirational to some viewers as well.

Some blogsites criticized the demonstrations as being unnecessary -- material best handled by computer graphics. Please! More CGI?! Is that what viewers need more of? My work on MYTHBUSTERS made me not think so. Therefore for seven days a week my shop turned out some really cool science. From the 700,000 volt modified Tesla Coil to the twenty-eight foot sonic boom cannon we turned out some cool stuff.

And we really did it! There may be a good deal of hacking with UFO evidence but nothing was faked in the builds -- it was like putting together a university semester project a week.

Well, the show has gone another direction and I'm working on the Discovery Channel's "TIME WARP" but I felt that some viewers and amateur scientists would be interested in what really went into the science of the show.



 Helmholtz Resonance Chamber

EPISODE: "THE HEARTLAND" Sonic Boom Cannon! Sonic Boom

 Exploding Wire, EMP Event

EPISODE: "CRASH AND RETRIEVAL"  Thermite Reaction, Magnetic Relay Malfunction, High Current Explosion Sparks
 EPISODE: USOs  Electromagnetic Magneto Malfunction Mass Waste
 EPISODE: COPS VRS UFOS  Recreation of Stonehenge Stonehenge