Lost Classics

A Comedy Series by John Tindall

Welcome to a 30 Minute comedy series where each week a “Lost Classic” is found and screened for the public in a raucous send up of classic movie channels and pompous entertainment shows. The “Lost Classics” are outrageous (and fictional) movies and television shows that we have “discovered” in the film vault and other far more unlikely places.

LOST CLASSICS has studio-based elements hosted by a congenial silver-haired host who, without blinking, gives sordid and gory behind-the-scenes details of the making of this ill-fated epic. His in-studio guests are a parade of fictional cast and crew survivors along with a who’s who of current Hollywood royalty who have all been “deeply touched” by the “greatest never-before-seen film and TV footage of all time!”

Each episode of LOST CLASSICS looks like a reality show, but the interviews are all staged with celebrities and actors who deliver scripted material that is passed off as actual accounts. These "eyewitnesses" are mixed in with a barrage of bogus but believable experts who lend an air of credibility to the madness.

LOST CLASSICS is a franchise that attacks entertainment from any period. Tapping an endless supply of comedy actors and cameos of aging stars, LOST CLASSICS is an endless romp at the expense of our shallow hero worship.


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